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TSM Veil Hair Edit

Roman converted the TSM veil to TS2 but the mesh only worked for adults, the hair floated over the teen head, and toddlers and children had invisible scalp syndrome (missing mesh). Sunni really wanted the hair so I fixed it.

I used the base game low bun hair instead of the odd blobby TSM hair, I scaled the veil to fit each age and fixed it so you couldn't see the sky when viewing it from the front. There will be a tiny sliver of sky from certain angles, this is caused by the low bun hair. It's barely noticeable but I wanted to mention it anyway.

Meshy did the hard part and used Pooklet's color actions on them :)


Credits (long list here lol )
Roman for the original TSM conversion
Melodie9 for the base game low bun toddler and child meshes
Aquilegia for her fix of Melodie9's toddler and child meshes
Almighty Hat for the Pooklet hair texture of the base game low bun

DOWNLOD Mesh file and the black texture I used-you can delete the texture file in the rar ;) this was just a test file to send to Meshy.

DOWNLOD Meshy's recolors :)

Tags: female hair, genetics, medieval, mesh edit, veil

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